As your exclusive partner for TelcoSensors we are responsible for Austria and the surrounding countries. We insert this high quality sensor system at places where extremly requirements are needed.

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Trade Fair Sajam Thenike Belgrad 2024

Trade Fair Sajam Thenike Belgrad 2024

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SMART Automation Linz 2023

Invitation to SMART Automation Austria 2023 from May 23 – 25, 2023

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Christmasparty 2022

Due to the pandemic we had to switch our christmasparty a few times. In January 2022 we celebrated with one of the best cooks in the country, Julian Kutos…

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SMART Automation Linz 2021

Thank you for your visit on the SMART Automation Austria 2021

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Doors & Gates

We supply permanent sensors for all door and gate applications. Category 2 safety light barriers, ATEX light curtains…

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„GO GREEN! Telco Sensors hat sämtliche Verpackungen zu eco-freundlichen FSC zertifizierten Kartons geändert…

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Lichttaster Rotlicht SMP 7600R

Ab sofort ist der vielfach bewährte Lichttaster im M18 Gehäuse auch mit sichtbarem Rotlicht verfügbar!

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EX-Lichtgitter ATEX

Unsere Lichtgitter SG 10 und SG 14 sind ab sofort in ATEX erhältlich!

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