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TERM ID: 102

Photoelectric Amplifier

General Information

The series consists of PA 01, PA 09, PA 10, PA 11, PA 12, PA 15, TPA 14, DPA 20, MPA 21, MPA 41, MPA 81, PAB 10, PAB 20, PAB 30 and is used in conjunction with remote sensors, which consists of a transmitter LT and a receiver LR.
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  • up to 35m – series PA 12
  • up to 45m – series PA 01, MPA
  • up to 47m – series PAB 20/30 und PABP 10/20/30 (new type)
  • up to 60m – series PA 10
  • up to 70m – series PA 11
  • up to 70m – series PA 15 und PAB 10 (new type)

Automatic or manual sensitivity adjustment
Different operation frequencies (only PA 12)
LED indicator for power, signal status and output
Test LED for LT/LR – failure indicator
Switch selectable: light or dark function
Switch selectable: long or short range
Time delay adjustable
Different supply voltage
Can be used in conjunction with more than 1 transmitter and receiver (only DPA, MPA and PAB)
Plug connector for LT/LR and external (only PA 15 and PAB)
Din rail mounting
Output: Relay or Transistor
Alarm output

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