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General information SM - series

The series of a self-contained transmitter SMT and a receiver SMR, named SM 3000, SM 6000, SM 7000, SM 8000 and SM 9000 are made to be used for applications where a photoelectric amplifier can't be mounted/used.
Due to the self-contained design, the transmitter SMT and receiver SMR can be mounted and connected completely seperately.
Because of the different operation frequencies between the series they can not be mixed!


0,5m – 70m (depends on type and model)

Housing Type

AP Polycarbonate with 10mm diameter, plain (no thread)
TP Polycarbonate with M12x1 thread
TP Polycarbonate with M18x1 thread (series 7000 and 9000)
PG Polycarbonate with M18x1 thread (series 8000)
SG Polyester rectangular 60 x 9,5 x 11,5mm
TB Nickel Plated Brass with M12x1 thread
AS Stainless Steel (V4A) with 10mm diameter, plain (no thread)
TS Stainless Steel (V4A) with M12x1 thread
TS Stainless Steel (V4A) with M18x1 thread (by series 7000 and 9000)
MG Stainless Steel (V4A) with M18x1 thread (by series 8000)
S Polycarbonate SNAP with 12,7mm diameter


Fixed cable (different lengths),T3 (M8, 3pin), J (M12, 4pin) or J5 (M12, 5pin) plug

Colour identification

Transmitter:    red
Receiver:        yellow

Waterproof IP67
High penetration power
Wide opening angle
High tolerance to hostile environments
Shock & vibration resistance

Application Videos

Series SMT/R 7000 or 8000

Series SM 3000 or SM 6000

Series SMP 7000 or SMP 8000

Series SMP 7000 or SMP 8000

Series SMP 7000 or SMP 8000