Remote Sensors LT & LR

Transmitter LT
Receiver LR
Remote Sensors Door/Gates

General information remote sensors

The remote sensor series, which consists of a transmitter LT and receiver LR, is made to operate in conjunction with a Telco photoelectric amplifier from the PA, MPA. DPA and PAB programmes.

Housing Type

AP Polycarbonate with 10mm diameter, plain (no thread)
TP Polycarbonate with M12x1 thread
SG Polyester rectangular 60 x 9,5 x 11,5mm
WS Polyester rectangular 35 x 20 x 12mm
TB Nickel plated brass with M12x1 thread
TB Nickel plated brass with M18x1 thread (Type 120)
TS Stainless Steel (V4A) with M12x1 thread
S ABS Snap with 12,7mm diameter


  • up to 11m – Type 101
  • up to 18m – Type 100
  • up to 30m – Type 100H
  • up to 30m – Type 12 A (special type only with TB 5 or TB 15)
  • up to 40m – Type 110
  • up to 70m – Type 120


5 or 15 m fixed cable, T3 (M8, 3pin) 
or J (M12, 4pin) plug

colour identification

Transmitter:  red
Receiver:      yellow

LED indicator

Transmitter = orange (output)
Receiver = green (power)

Waterproof IP67
ATEX approval available

High penetration power
Wide optical angle
High tolerance to hostile environments
Vibration- and shock resistance
Immunity to light

Application Videos