Company History

On the 2nd May 1986 Mr Gerald Ernst Kölbl founded „Industriebedarf Kölbl“, a wholesale for electronical products, as an sole proprietorship. At the beginning the office was situated in his own apartment and the cellar was used as stock.

After 3 years of basework, together with his wife Ingrid Kölbl, and after many customer visits, 1990 a new company home was built.

1992 he acquired the company „Infrasensor“ situated in Prag CZ and therefore made the basis for sales at the former eastern bloc countries.

1993 „Industriebedarf Kölbl“ changed to the joint stock company „Industriebedarf Kölbl GesmbH“. Due to the reason that the company focused on the high quality sensors systems from TelcoSensors, the name Telco was implemented in the company name and therefore changed to „Industriebedarf Kölbl Telco GmbH“.

After many years of customer orientated sales and about 1,4 million km on the streets of Europe by him, he induced a new era.

2011 a new company building, in 2100 Korneuburg - Viktor Kaplan Straße 3, was bought and renovated by Mr. Gerald Kölbl. Furthermore the company name changed to „TS Telco Sensors Austria GmbH“.
Mrs. Mag. Cornelia Weinlinger-Kölbl and Mr. Ing. Martin Weinlinger are the future of this new company. With these changes Mr. Gerald Kölbl achieved a wide base on which 25 years hard work can be successfully used.

TelcoSensors Denmark (est.1975) is in the 2nd generation as well and is well known as an innovative high quality sensor producer.